Wellbeing from the Insight-Out/Igniting Wellbeing
A medical doctor, coach and mindfulness teacher

I am a mum, wife and medical doctor. I have spent 10 years as a senior executive in pharmaceutical industry. After leaving the corporate world to focus on my family, I completed an MBA, studied functional and integrative medicine, coaching and mindfulness through University of Stellenbosch and other institutions.

I have always believed that wellbeing is in each of our hands and that we can evolve our health so we can flourish in life and work. My own wellbeing is intricately woven in this story as I have explored and understood deeply the root causes of diseases and more importantly where my true wellbeing originates.

I believe that the mind is the most powerful tool that determines our health. In the words of the Buddha, “What you think you become”. Our mindset and perspectives inform not only how we manage stress, but also our daily lifestyle choices like diet, exercise sleep and our relationships. These, together with our genes, are the roots of real health. In the same way that a tree that is nourished by the nutrients in the soil, so too, are your “roots”.

The functional and integrative approach is a dynamic process of assessing, preventing and treating chronic disease, by identifying warning signs in your physiology and biochemistry early on in order to ameliorate worsening, and by considering each person’s biochemical and genetic individuality.

Behavioural change is not easy and most well intentioned attempts are not successful in creating sustainable results for many reasons. One of them being lack of appropriate support. I seek to provide the partnership that helps you change and rewire new mental and physical habits so that you can redirect the course of your health trajectory and ignite your own wellbeing.

The conventional approach to health is more about disease care than health care. My approach is centred on partnering with you, the patient to expand your health span in a “care” rather than just cure, approach.
I work with the whole person – a philosophy that looks at the body, the being and behaviour for optimal wellbeing and performance so we can each show up for life and work and make the world a better place, in our own unique ways.