Mindful Media

“Whoever controls the media, controls the mind” – Jim Morrison 

Social media is pervasive. Even the fact that you are reading this – is evidence of how much content is out there. The question is, are you “choice-ful” about what you consume, or are you a victim to relentless barrage of news items, posts about other people’s lives, polarized journalism, political agenda and conspiracy theories. 

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Rest is more than just sleep

There’s no doubt that many of our minds are on hyper-alert. The stress response of feeling vigilant, worrying , planning, working, and dealing with immediate day-to-day chores can be overwhelming. At this time of lockdown when we supposedly have “more time”, we can actually feel burnt out, because so much is changing, uncertainty pervades and the balance of the “known” is thrown off. Expectations of “being more productive”, having more family time, exercise etc can actually deplete us by making us feel like we are not “making the most” of the time that we have? A spectrum of emotions like guilt, shame, anger, anxiety, frustration are part of what we experience through the day.

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