Changing the paradigm to Flourish

I have written previously about stress and theres a lot that is known about what causes it, how we sense it in our bodies and that chronic stress can lead to downstream chronic disease and poor health. However, how do we shift the paradigm from managing stress, to optimizing wellbeing – so that we can be healthier, live longer more fulfilling lives, perform at our best, have wholesome family and social relationships, make a difference in the world, and in this way – become true leaders – of ourselves, our families, and our communities. 

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Perfection versus Excellence: In the quest for progress rather…

Is it possible to get out of your own way so that you can gain traction and get action on things that you would like to do? Sometimes the thing that can keep us stuck in unfinished cycles and continuous loops of inertia and inaction is a fixated view of getting things right vs getting the right things done.

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Mindful Media

“Whoever controls the media, controls the mind” – Jim Morrison 

Social media is pervasive. Even the fact that you are reading this – is evidence of how much content is out there. The question is, are you “choice-ful” about what you consume, or are you a victim to relentless barrage of news items, posts about other people’s lives, polarized journalism, political agenda and conspiracy theories. 

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Rest is more than just sleep

There’s no doubt that many of our minds are on hyper-alert. The stress response of feeling vigilant, worrying , planning, working, and dealing with immediate day-to-day chores can be overwhelming. At this time of lockdown when we supposedly have “more time”, we can actually feel burnt out, because so much is changing, uncertainty pervades and the balance of the “known” is thrown off. Expectations of “being more productive”, having more family time, exercise etc can actually deplete us by making us feel like we are not “making the most” of the time that we have? A spectrum of emotions like guilt, shame, anger, anxiety, frustration are part of what we experience through the day.

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Building Personal Resilience – manage stress and perform at…

Challenge, and change often results in stress and energy drain, impacting how we relate to ourselves, the world and our work. How do you manage times of decreased capacity, fatigue and lowered effectiveness. Often we think “relaxing” is a way of filling us with increased capacity and energy. While this may work, it is not a way of a sustainable way to manage life – in order to show up, as much as possible, as the best versions of ourselves – focused and performing at our best.

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The way…..

Friends, I wrote a poem (yes, yes I did) ….. to celebrate love.

True love can only be – with self love.. that’s the message?
Gnothi Seauton – Know thyself.. The Oracle of Delphi is YOU!

Let me know what you think?

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You wake up in the morning, to switch off your alarm, and instantly notice the trail of messages, notifications and messages lighting up your screen. As you trample your way to the bathroom, you’ve probably checked and responded to some of the messages, and already about to click onto Twitter to see what you may have missed out on.

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DAY 2 How do we access our choice-fulness?

Yesterday we explored the automaticity that we all live in, the absence. And looked at “presence” as a choice..

Lets start today with a practice. For a minute, just tune into your breathing – feel your inbreath and your out breath. The sensations that accompany the breath, where you feel the breath most vividly. Don’t change the breath, just notice the breath with detail noticing of the sensations that accompany your breath…

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Exploring Mindfulness together.. DAY one.. Choice

Last week, I had the opportunity to give a talk on mindfulness. I would like to share some of this with you, and perhaps go on a reflective journey together? So, over the next few days, you will see a series of posts that relate generally, to mindfulness and then a more specific exploration of some of the attitudes that are embedded in this way of being..HOW to BE in the world.

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Keeping Fit??

Most of us are in some way pre-occupied, occupied and think often about physical fitness, exercise, keeping fit, eating well (even though we may not really..). It’s physical fitness, strength, vitality and resources that occupies us. Yes?
Have you ever wondered about building strength and vitality in other areas of life? What about the mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions?

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The start and end date. Its the dash that…

Looking around, it is hard to ignore the pace of the world. Drivers in Johannesburg, mums in carparks, people at the grocery store – going at breakneck speeds! Or is it me? Everyone is in a rush to get somewhere. Yes true. However, I can’t help but think how do we put the “brake” on? What’s the rush? By the way, questions that I ask myself all too often!

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Choose to do one thing

I am so mindful these days about how busy, active and frazzled most people in my world are. Traffic, schedules, meetings and even “holidays” can place us constantly in the “doing” mode vs the “being” mode. Reacting constantly to the environment, obligations and diaries creates an external locus of control and a lack of centeredness, balance and equilibrium. The operative word here – REACTING i.e. a “created automaticity” – moving mindlessly from one task, appointment, activity to the other.

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Enabling Awareness – Lets Talk!

So much has been written about the art and science of communication. As human beings, we communicate ALL the time – even when we are silent. Without belabouring the history and techniques of different ways of getting our ideas across, I thought I would share some of my own personal insights in one of the most powerful skills that we need to have in order to allow some of “our world out” and the rest of the world “in”

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