On Being…you

It’s amazing that one can actually disconnect from oneself. This often results when the world in which we immerse ourselves, starts to define us uncontrollably. The people we meet, the places we go to, the conversations that we have. It is so important that we maintain perspective, always, of who we are relative to the environment we find ourselves in. That mundane activities, challenges and routines don’t start to infiltrate the essence of our being, changing the internal conversations with ourselves too. I’m not saying don’t change. I’m saying be selective about how the environment is molding you and your authenticity.

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Living now – not only in the social networks!

How many times have you sat with friends or family and noticed the many times people check their phones! How many times have you been to restaurants and noticed that family and friends are on blackberries, iphones, tablets etc. Recently I was at a restaurant and noticed a family of four at dinner. The two little girls, on tablets, live streaming a cartoon channel on maximum volume, while the parents, completely oblivious of the ruckus, carried on in deep conversation. Of course to the complete irritation of the other patrons!

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