Quality Sleep-Sound Mind-Happy World

March 18 is World Sleep Day and the theme for this year is

Quality Sleep – Sound Mind – Happy World.

We all know how we feel when we are sleep deprived. I’ve experienced first hand, through clients and family, how completely life and personality changing lack of sleep can be.

Good quality and quantity of sleep is crucial to help us reset physically and metabolically, mentally and emotionally. It’s like wireless recharging!

Sleep is essential for us be at our best cognitively and rationally. It helps us manage and regulate emotions better. It helps us learn and retain information. It’s in fact crucial for effective leadership (see below from a recent McKinsey article).

McKinsey and Company : Sleep and Leadership

Here are some pointers:

  1. You need at least 8 hours of quality sleep.
  2. If you have some form of insomnia, see a professional that can help you diagnose a possible sleep disorder.
  3. Reflect on your sleep routine
  4. Switch off blue light from tech gadgets 2 hours before. Read a physical book, play music, speak to loved ones.
  5. Keep your bedroom cool and for sleeping (not working, watching movies, eating). Charge your phone away from your bed.
  6. Find a wind-down routine that works (dim lights, meditation routine, music, bath etc)
  7. Have a light and early dinner
  8. Get the family involved and make it a lifestyle choice.

So, healthy sleeping is a way of becoming more awake to life, to being present to life and to living more fully.

Make a choice today, to change your sleep habits!