Day Four: New brain? Teaching an old dog new…

So, we’ve spoken about genes, the environment, and getting to the core – the cause. Is there more, that we have at our disposal, to use, in order to “show up” differently?

Evidence in neuroscience is showing that by shifting and moving, by thinking differently, we are able to “wire-in” new thoughts. As we discussed yesterday, this changes the neurochemistry and the genetic expression of the body. Performing tasks, and thinking in the same way, day in and day out hardwires only certain neuronal pathways.

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Day Three: It’s in your genes? How do we…

So, you always thought : “I was born this way”, “It’s in my genes”, “I can’t change this”. Partly right. A lot of information and coding is in fact written in the DNA. However, new studies in the emerging field of epigenetics is showing that the environment is also very important, in determining HOW those genes are expressed. It is this environment, around the cells of the body, which is directly affected by your thoughts – which trigger the hormones and biochemistry we spoke about yesterday. The body is in fact, the most incredible apothecary in the universe – its chemistry can be changed in the flash of a thought!

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Let’s Talk – mind, body & health.

Today, I start a 5 day blog that will explore the intriguing concept of mind and body and its effect of life and health in general. Join me as we look at some of this together. The topics that I will cover are

Day One: Your created reality. Blue or green lenses?
Day Two : The mind, body and spirit? Changing your biochemistry.
Day Three: It’s in your genes? How do we show up?
Day Four: Neuroscience. Teaching an old dog new tricks?
Day Five: Making it count. Managing stress

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